Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Like Sand Through an Hour Glass

Well last Friday the 27th Faith celebrated her 11th birthday. I really wonder where the time has gone? It seems like only days ago that we were bringing her home from the hospital, and she was hitting all her milestones!

In what seemed like a blink of an eye she was celebrating her 1st birthday.

Then her second.

She was growing and changing, at what seemed like the speed of light, moving from a baby to a toddler.

Then came us moving off the farm and to Spruce Grove along with her 3rd and 4th birthdays.

Faith has always been a girly girl, enjoying anything and everything pretty and feminine.

When Faith was 4 she started dance which has turned into her passion!

Then came her 5th birthday.

With each passing year Faith has grown in so may ways. She is a kind girl who is blessed with many friends.

She enjoys arts and crafts!

Faith celebrated her 7th birthday in Orlando Florida at Disney World, she was made into a princess.

Then came 8 and number 9....

Last year Faith hit double digits and I could not get over how time had flown by and now one more year later I really do feel as if  time is like sand through an hour glass!

My young lady I am so proud of you and the women you are becoming, you bless me in so many ways daily!
I love you so and thank God each day for you!

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